Sunday, December 15, 2013

How Marissa Mayer Once Convinced This Exec To Work At Google

Have you ever wondered how major business leaders make decisions about where to work? Why would someone in high demand take one position over another position? Would a highly driven person take the path of least resistance?

Marissa Mayer, as a Google executive, had to hire some great people while competing with some other great companies in silicon valley. She would often have to convince people to come to Google even when other offers were better. How would she do this? Here is a quote from a Business Insider article.

Here's what Mayer told her: "The best advice I can give you is that when I had to make a choice between two paths, I always chose the more challenging one, and that has always been the correct decision. So you should think about that."

That's how Lee ended up at Google for four years, which led her to Polyvore in 2008. She became chief executive of Polyvore in 2012.

How can this apply to you? To do your best in life, you have to improve who and what you are and this is partly done by doing what is more challenging not taking the path of least resistance.

Next time you have to chose between two paths - which will you take?

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