Monday, November 18, 2013

How To Get Straight A's In College

Why would I write about this subject? I found this article when looking online for my daughter, a freshman in college, and my son, a sophomore in high school. My thought was to share this with them to help them improve their learning. There are some great tips to improve comprehension and that should result in better learning and better grades. As I read this article, it dawned on me that this is true for any aspect of life. Here are a few of the concepts from the article.

"Ask questions, even if you look like an idiot — It took me a while to swallow my pride and speak up, but I'd rather get the added knowledge than 'look cool'. And the joke's on those who look down on this — I get the A and they don't." — This makes total sense in a classroom but it also makes sense in a boardroom or a meeting room. Asking questions sparks ideas and conversations that lead to more informed outcomes.

"Review the material before you sleep. Every night, 1-1&1/2 hours before I sleep, I review all the material that is going to be covered on any upcoming quiz or exam. Research shows that if you study right before you sleep, you'll have a greater retention rate." — If you have something important to learn for work - take it home and review it before sleep. This is a way to get more bang for your buck.

"Avoid all-nighters. Schedule study/homework. — Unless you really really have to, all-nighters are bad news. Look closely at your schedule of classes and work, and find little gaps where you can go to the computer lab or library or quad or student center and do some work. You can spend just as much time on homework as the kids pulling all-nighters without staying up past midnight. Also, its best if you figure out what bits of your homework you can do where, and always have something quick and easy you can pull out if the opportunity presents itself." — Our company deals with creative agencies and they are famous for pulling all nighters. I am always amazed at the people who are willing to do this and then the next day and sometimes for days to come, they are still recovering.

In the business world, we are students trying to improve our products and services. We are out to get good grades. Click on the link and see what the other points in this article have for you to learn from.

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