Monday, October 21, 2013

The One Thing Successful People Do Every Day

Everyone is busy. Everyone seems to have more to do than can be done in a normal day. For many, people the current world of information overload and being busy has become an excuse for letting down on certain things that need to be done.

Successful people are successful because they are willing to do what normal people are not willing to do - and they will do it over and over. Often these are not huge differences but they are small differences that happen over and over and over.

In a recent Forbes article, William Arruda wrote about one thing that successful people do every day that the unsuccessful don't.

Every day successful people work on their own brand. This means that people are working to make sure what they are doing is visible to those around them. Here is a great quote from the article, "“Busy” is the most common reason people give me for not doing anything to build their brand so they can advance their career.  They make time for emails and meetings and teleconferences, but they don’t capture the true benefits of all those activities. Working in their career is getting in the way of working on their career. Sound familiar?"

This article outlines 5 things to do to build your brand. It's a good read.

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