Friday, September 6, 2013

HBR Principles for Developing Humilty - Points 1 & 2

The HBR is an excellent publication that comes monthly and is full of insightful articles. The articles are detailed and full of good information. But if you don't want to spend the money on the magazine, it is also possible to get good HBR info from the HBR blogs. Recently there was a blog on humility and its impact on business. This blog has six principles and is worth the read.

The first of the six principles is Know What You Don't Know. The author pushes the point that no one can be the master of the universe and that no matter what level of skill you have in any area there are things you don't know. Sometimes it's better to ask a question and learn than appear to know it all and miss learning. Usually the know it all limits him/herself because others don't want to share with or help a know it all.

The second of the six principles is Resist Falling for Your Own Publicity. Sometimes it is fun to believe everything that is said or written about you or your company. Unfortunately many things are written to make you or a company look better and some details are omitted. Where I work it is amazing how many people begin to believe our own press releases or what our vendors say about us. It's not that it is never true but there is always a motive behind what is said or written. Remembering that helps avoid believing your own spin.

Humility is something that great companies use to keep a level head and keep working to improve. Humility will get you incredible results.

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