Monday, August 26, 2013

The Seinfeld Strategy Part 3

The Seinfeld Strategy is about eliminating procrastination. Then when you’re not procrastinating and you get into a groove, you are going to be more effective and more productive. I was watching an interview with Tim Ferriss online recently and in the interview Tim said his goal was to write two bad pages of his book a day. For a full-time writer two pages isn’t a stretch and also settling for bad writing makes it even easier. Tim did this because on the days he didn’t feel like writing, to do two bad pages was still doable. What Tim found was that when he started writing he often would find that he didn’t stop at two pages even when “he wasn’t in the mood”. This is a similar strategy that is about just doing something.
The BI article spreads the strategy to other areas like exercise. “Similarly, doing 10 pushups per day could be simple and meaningful depending on your level of fitness. It will actually make you stronger. Meanwhile, reading a fitness book each day is simple, but it won’t actually get you in better shape.” Doing 10 pushups a day seems like nothing but on the down day those 10 actions may lead to more.
The strategy works because everyone believes s/he can do the minimum. Doing the minimum of an activity over time can become a large accomplishment. What if you are in sales – is it possible to make two cold calls a day? Of course that is doable. Then why not get started today and see what happens after 30 days. What would your book of business look like if you started making two extra calls a day? I think you would be amazed at what would happen over a career with just this little action.

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