Friday, August 23, 2013

The Seinfeld Strategy Part 2

The Seinfeld Strategy may have never been revealed if it were not for a young comic named Brad Isaac. One night he was at a club that Jerry Seinfeld was also at and Brad asked Jerry for “tips for a young comic” and Jerry changed his life. What Jerry shared was specific to comedy but it can be applied to any skill set or business.
Jerry told Brad to “write every day” and to track his progress. Jerry said to get a wall chart and put up an annual calendar with each day on the calendar. Jerry told him that when you write put an X on that day and then you are good. Then try to string days together and make a commitment to yourself to not miss a day. Jerry didn’t talk about how good the writing was or how funny the jokes were – he just said to write day after day after day. This may seem simple but it is building a pattern that over time will yield incredible benefits.
What Jerry was teaching Brad was a habit or a pattern that Brad could do over and over and then his skills would improve. Many comics, like many other professionals, procrastinate when writing. This tool keeps the juices flowing and keeps the mind active and creative. For a comic this results in better material and more material. If a comic begins to write jokes the week of a performance and the creative juices are not flowing then s/he will most likely revert to their old standard bits. The same is true in other walks of life like cold calling, exercise, diet, management and many other disciplines.

What is the one thing you can do daily that over time will yield the best results? How can that activity be measured so it can be tracked over a long period of time? Would this skill be something worth starting today?

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