Monday, August 19, 2013

The Seinfeld Strategy Part 1

A few weeks ago I read an article on Business Insider that had a tremendous impact on me. After reading the article a couple of times and sharing it with our sales team it dawned on me that this is worth sharing on my blog. Because of the simple elegance of the message and because I want to spend more time developing this blog post, this will cover four posts.

The article focused on “The Seinfeld Strategy” as it is called. Jerry Seinfeld has been know as one of the most successful comics in history. During his TV show he made incredible money and millions were entertained on a weekly basis. I still find myself watching old episodes. In 1998 he earned $267 million dollars in a single year. Even as late as 2008 he earned $85 million dollars. Those are incredible amounts especially when viewed over a ten year time frame. That is consistency. Consistency is “The Seinfeld Strategy” and what these blog posts are about. This consistency is also his tool to beat procrastination.
The article states “Jerry Seinfeld produces with a level of consistency that most of us wish we could bring to our daily work.” How does this impact you and me? How can we improve how we perform? Click on the link and read the “secret” of Jerry’s success or wait for the next blog post.

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