Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lost a Big Sale? Don't Use These 2 Excuses

Tom Searcy is a sales training who focuses on selling the big deal. I heard him speak one time a few years ago and have enjoyed reading his material. He has an article in Inc magazine that has two simple points of what not to do when you lose a sale.

What is the most common reason people believe and say they lose a sales - price? How many times have you purchased something and only cared about the price? What is the easiest way to get a sales person to leave you alone - tell him or her the price is too high. Tom gives ways around having to use this excuse.

Politics is the other reason Tom discusses. It's also easy to say and believe you lost a sales because the buyer had pressure to pick the other supplier. Again, there are ways to deal with this.

Take five minutes and read the article and find ways to improve and make the second half of 2013 better than the first half.

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