Wednesday, May 8, 2013

John Chambers - What I Look for In Leaders

John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, looks at three things when thinking about the leaders in his company. Here they are:
  • Results
  • Quality of the team
  • Communication
The results is obvious. Almost everyone in business has a set of goals or a set of outcomes that are measurable. Quality of the team and communication are a little different and maybe not on the top of all lists.

He also talked about how you learn about people during times of failure or during times of challenge. This past week has been full of challenge for the team I work with . We have added three major accounts to our company at the same time which can be challenging. Normally a great opportunity comes along in singles so this has been a stressful time. Some of the best in people has come out and has been enjoyable to see.

John talked about what keeps him up at night and he mentioned that when Cisco lets down a customer it can cause him to loose sleep. This may be why he has been so successful over time and has been able to be a tech CEO for so long.

It's a short video but it has some great insights.

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