Monday, March 25, 2013

3 Types of Leaders Who Never Succeed

At our company, Hopkins Printing, we have gone through many iterations with strategic planning. We have seen some systems that don't work well and some that work incredibly well. One thing we believe now is that having more focus and limiting the big goals allows us to get more done. Recently I came across an Inc magazine article 3 Types of Leaders Who Never Succeed that talks to this in one of the points.

One of the three points is to not be "The Strategy Yanker" which means changing the strategy on a whim. This would be starting the year with a strategy to grow 30% and then in month three changing the strategy to improving customer service. When we set our three main goals for the year, we go through days of debate over what goals will make the biggest difference. These are not quick or easy decisions because we know that they will last for an entire year. When a member of the management team knows s/he will be held to a goal 12 months later, the decision is much tougher. Once we go through this process we then roll the goals out to develop departmental goals and then personal goals for each person in the company. It isn't an easy or quick process but we have seen some incredible benefits from this process.

The article also gives two others points that are worth reading and then if they apply to you, stop doing those things. Being a leader is a big responsibility so take some time, learn something and improve.

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