Monday, February 25, 2013

Will You Fail As A Leader?

Fear of failure if a major issue with men and women who are trying to improve, grow and increase in life. Many ask themselves if they can handle what is coming if they get the new promotion or the increased area of responsibility? In a recent Inc Magazine article, Les McKeown, wrote about the 4 Signs You Will Fail as a Leader.

In this article Les covers four areas we can look at in our lives and see if we are heading in the wrong direction. He begins with the person who knows everything and how that is the type of person who is destined to fail. I have never met a person who has 100% percent knowledge in any subject but I have met people who believe they possess this perfection. Often they end up babbling on and on in order to answer a questions because they are not sure what the truth is and then if they end up being wrong they can't admit to the failure. Isn't it better to just accept we don't know everything and then treat others with respect who may know more than us in a given field? Learn to ask questions and then listen to what others know. The counter to this is that a leader does need a wide range of knowledge so s/he is snowed by smooth talkers. It's a failure of leadership to be lead down the wrong path and then blaming it on others.

Les then covers the other three areas and I would highly recommend you click through to the article and read them. Ask yourself how much these four signs apply to you and work on improvement.

Being a leader is a lifelong pursuit - go ahead and get started in the right direction.

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