Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Message

President's Day is a great day to work. Some of our clients are off and there are usually a few minutes to consider the Presidents we remember on this day. Living in a country so full of opportunity and with a background designed to allow these opportunities is an incredible blessing. Thinking back on the beginning of our country and on the principles that allowed us to have what we have gives some insights into how we can improve our lives today.

When I think of our history as a country and what we have gone through politically and financially it is telling that some lessons are hard for us to learn. In the last few decades we have seen bubbles in our economy - the internet bubble, the housing bubble and possibly soon the commercial real estate bubble or the education debt bubble. How is it that we can't learn from our lessons but instead we need to repeat them over and over. These bubbles all tell me that getting something for nothing or getting something for less than it's worth will lead to problems. When I receive something without putting in the proper work, I don't respect or value it the way I should.

If I buy a house for no money down or if I have an internet company with a high valuation and no sales or profits I begin to live a lie. I have to provide value for what I receive. There are no shortcuts in the long run. In my current business I can only charge our clients for the value I bring. If I find that I am doing something that isn't bringing value to our company, meaning value to our customers, then I am setting myself up for trouble.

Always remember that without putting in the work, the value, you shouldn't take something, the reward. This type of life will end up with bad results and future heartache.

Hope you enjoy President's Day and on this day bring value to your family, your customers, your company and to your country.

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