Friday, August 10, 2012

Focus, Focus, Focus

In a world filled with an incredible number of distractions it's a wonder that anyone can stay focused. Between tv, movies, radio, the internet, our phones and life in general - it is difficult to focus. This morning I was reading about Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg and the issues they face with focus. An article on Business Insider talked about how Zuckerberg doesn't do angel investing because it would take his focus off of his core business - Facebook. He doesn't feel like he can do his job with Facebook and spend time on other ventures. This was also true with Steve Jobs and Apple - he didn't do angel investing.

Then I started thinking about how this should impact me in my life - what is my focus. During work hours my focus should be 100% on building a great business that will be around for the next 100 years. During the day what do I do that takes my focus off of business? Do I allow non-work things to sneak in and take time?

Staying focused is a difficult discipline because there are so many distractions but the payoff is huge. If it's good enough for Mark and Steve then it's good enough for me.

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