Friday, August 17, 2012

12 Tasks That Killer Employees Always Finish Before Noon

Business Insider recently ran an article on the 12 Tasks That Killer Employees Always Finish Before Noon. Most people believe they are part of the "killer" crowd, including me, so I thought I would read what was written. Below are three of the twelve. Go to the article to see all twelve.

5. They practice a morning ritual. Jensen also recommends instituting a morning routine aside from your exercise routine. Whether you opt to meditate, read the newspaper, or surf the Web, Jensen says "it's important to have that quiet time with just you."

7. They arrive at the office on time. This one is obvious, right? Getting a full night's rest and keeping your sticky fingers off the snooze button should make No. 7 a cakewalk. If you're not a new employee, then you've already figured out the length of your average commute. Allot a safe amount of time to make it to work on schedule.

9. They tackle the big projects first. You can dive right into work upon arriving in the office, since you made your to-do list the night before. And Jensen suggests starting with the hardest tasks. "Don't jump into meaningless projects when you're at your mental peak for the day," he says.

Spend some time reading this article and try to do the points you think will make the biggest difference for you. Enjoy.

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