Monday, June 18, 2012

Share this with Your CEO

In a recent HBR blog there was a post about energy management which is similar to time management but instead of being about time it is about energy. Below are some stats from the blog post.

77% said they had trouble focusing on one thing at a time, and felt easily distracted during the day.
80% said they take too little time to think strategically and creatively, and spend too much of their time reacting to immediate demands rather than focusing on activities with long-term value and higher leverage.
54% said they often feel impatient, frustrated or irritable at work, especially when demand gets high.

The result of these types of feelings is that people get less done and what they get done is lower quality and quantity. One of our goals as leaders is to help people in our organizations to feel good, be energized and get more done.

There were six activities, or lack of activities, that drove the feelings listed above:

82% reported they regularly get fewer than 7-8 hours of sleep and often wake up feeling tired.
70% don't take regular breaks during the day to renew and refuel.
70% eat lunch at their desks, if they eat lunch at all.
65% don't consistently work out.
68% said they don't have enough time with their families and loved ones, and when they're with them, they're not always really with them.
71% take too little time for the activities they most deeply enjoy.

We need to help people improve. We can do this by educating and sharing with our people that live doesn't need to be such a drain - we can feel energized and get more done.

Go to the blog at HBR and see what the author says to do to improve and then share that with your people to get more improvement.

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