Monday, April 23, 2012

Secrets of the Most Productive People I Know

How can you know if you are being as productive as you are able? How can you know some techniques for continuing to improve on the productivity front? In a recent article on the Inc Magazine website, Margaret Heffernan shared four ideas for improvement. If you're like me there is no end to learning how to improve, so this is worth reading and sharing.

Margaret starts with writing that highly productive people still have a life. They are not just the people who give their entire lives over to a job or a cause. Often it's the time outside of work that brings the ideas for work. Secondly, she discusses that they take breaks. I for one find that my time away from the office allows my mind to settle down and then add some new ideas.

Third she says they often work in multiple industries. This can mean that they have a job career that spans different industries or it could mean that they "work" at hobbies or volunteer in charity work that gives them exposure to other industries. Lastly she she writes that they often have outside collaborators. This is often a sounding board or a group of friends that bring a totally different perspective. Could Jeff Bezos of Amazon have been able to build the largest online retailer by only talking to brick and mortar book stores?

There is no end to ideas for productivity improve. This article had some great ideas that I thought were worth sharing. Enjoy.

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