Friday, March 23, 2012

6 Lessons for CEOs from ‘Boy CEO’ Mark Zuckerberg

Not sure that I like the title of this post but it does make a point. A leader like Mark Zuckerberg can teach us more than we may expect. The title of this comes from a newsletter put out by Chief Executive magazine. The article covers a series of things that Mark does that have taken him from a college website programmer to the CEO of Facebook. Facebook has grown at an amazing speed and Mark has been able to lead the company through the growth and it appears he will do the same after the IPO. Below are a couple of the points from the article - click to the article to read them all.

Make your own development a priority. I have read that the average CEO reads a book a month to improvement him/herself. To grow and improve, this is a great goal. Think of your top weaknesses, whether it's HR, marketing, strategy, leadership, operations or something else, and find some good books to improve in any area of weakness. It is also good to occasionally read on the subjects you are strong in so you don't get behind.

Be open. To be a great leader you must be open and willing to over communicate. Many times I make the mistake of thinking everyone knows what I know - which is rarely true. One speaker I have heard said it this way, "In the absence of information people assume the worst". This is so true in business. Make sure you spend extra time being clear about what is going on and more importantly, where the group is headed.

Enjoy the article and become more like Zuckerberg.

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