Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shortest Course on Selling - Jack Daly!

A few years ago I was in a sales training session being put on by Jack Daly. He was full of energy and enthusiasm but more than that he was full of great sales training ideas. One of the concepts Jack taught was the "Shortest Course on Selling" - it is only four words. ASK QUESTIONS AND LISTEN. That is it, nothing more. He knows that if a sales person just believed and lived by these four words s/he could really improve.

How can it be this simple? It's simple but it's not easy. Many sales people get into sales because they are outgoing fun loving people. They are good at meeting, getting to know and talking with others. All of that is great but it doesn't always help the customer. Asking questions and listening is customer focused. It becomes all about the customer and not the sales person. By listening you can find out what is on the customer/prospects mind and what is driving the purchasing decision.

Who are we there for? How can what I am doing benefit the customer? Do I just show up and throw up? We need to spend more time focusing on the customer and finding out what is important to them. Selling is about serving the client and making sure they are taken care of. Take some time to go to Jack's website and buy some of his material - it's a great investment.

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