Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Planning for the Future

How well do you plan your future? Towards the end of a year is a good time to look at and plan for a new year. For our company we have just completed our 2012 Strategic Plan and one of our big goals for next year is a sales goal of $16 million in sales. This will be a slight increase over this year.

We know from our history that we can do OK if the economy is good and we treat our customers right but in an unstable economy and a shifting marketing mix - we have to do more. We are looking at existing clients that we have more opportunity with and are spending more time working on those opportunities. Our main focus though is adding new clients with net new business. We know as a sales team we need to push hard for next year and add a group of good customers in order to hit our goal.

To hit our goal, we as a sales team are focusing on three primary areas. We are tracking a certain number of business development calls, we are tracking new customer aquisition and we are tracking technology sales. We know if we hit our weekly activity goals our sales goal will happen.

On a weekly basis we meet and report this data. We then use the time to share stories of what went well and what we need to improve.

Take your goals for next year and break them into actions and smaller goals and push hard every week to win. This will make for a great 2012.

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