Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do You Work Hard - Not Like This!

How many times have you heard someone claim s/he works 60 hours per week? How many times has that statement been true? Often times people have a way of exaggerating what they do. They will calculate the longest week they have ever worked, round up the number a little, and then use that as the average. To work a 60 hour week means working from 7 am to 8 pm, with a 1 hour lunch, 5 days a week. That would be an intense load. When I saw a headline about Jack Dorsey claiming he worked 80 hour weeks - I thought to myself that this can't be true. So, obviously, I had to read the article.

If you're in the technology world you know that Jack Dorsey was one of the co-founders of Twitter who ended up leaving the company. After leaving Twitter, Jack founded another company called Square. Square is a payment processing company that allows a user with a mobile phone to collect credit card payments on the fly. It's an innovation that is helping small business start ups collect payment via a mobile phone. It's an incredible development.

It takes Jack 40 hours a week to run Square - not a huge leap since Square is a fast growing technology company. Earlier this year Twitter came back to Jack to lure him to run Twitter. Jack decided to do both. He works 5 days a week - 8 hours in the morning with Twitter and then walks to Square and works another 8 hours. He is able to keep this going with both companies because of his disciplined schedule. He developed a theme for each day and focuses only on what is most important.

When I read this article about Jack Dorsey I had to wonder "What more could I do with this kind of perspective and focus?" How much more could I get done with that type of focus on doing only what is most important? Jack has developed teams of people to get the daily work done and then he focuses on the big picture items like strategy, recruiting and culture. Take a few minutes and read this article then ask yourself what more you can do.

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