Thursday, October 13, 2011

To Get Results, You Gotta do the Work

All to often people want the outcome without the work it takes to achieve the goal. Within a company the leadership has to drive the change and the improvement. Often companies hire consultants or coaches and then hope that the outsider will do the work. There is a blogger I read called Got Boondoggle. Recently he wrote a blog entitled To Get Results, You Gotta do the Work. Below is an excerpt from his post.

Don’t hire Lean consultants to do the work for you and expect to become lean. Any improvements we might see will not stick. Lean consultants can teach, motivate, influence, demonstrate, coach, yell, scream and cuss, but you will only get results by doing it yourself.

Don’t delegate continuous improvement to your lean department. Kaizen is everybody, everyday, everywhere. A culture change towards becoming lean MUST be led by the top, no other way!

Just like you can’t sit on the couch eating ice cream and expect to lose weight, you can’t sit in your office looking at the computer screen and expect to improve your processes.

Too many executives don’t want the labor pains, they just want the baby.

YOU have to get up and get moving. Go to gemba. Don’t say I can’t, I don’t want to hear I can’t. Do what you can. Go, Go Go. You better toughin up. Improve something every day. Again. (Wow, I could get used to this!)

This tells me that no matter what type of organization you are a part of - the change comes from the top. If you're at the top make sure the improvements are part of the overall corporate strategy and then get in the process and drive improvement.

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