Monday, August 29, 2011

Tim Cook - The New Apple CEO

It's a sad day when Steve Jobs steps down as the CEO of Apple. Steve is considered one of the greatest CEO's of all time which means the new CEO has very large shoes to fill. Why would Steve Jobs recommend Tim Cook to be the new CEO? What type of person is Tim Cook?

In a recent article at cnet there is a story that starts to paint a picture of why Tim may be the guy for the job. Tim was running a meeting and during the meeting it came up that there was an issue with a problem in Asia. About 30 minutes later during the same meeting Tim looked at one of the participants in the meeting and asked "Why are you still here?" This person got up, went straight to the airport, boarded a flight and started working on the problem. I don't know of many people who think this way and are this driven.

Another story I read was about meeting that was called after a keynote address in New York. The team had a party planned for a Mets game that night but Tim wanted to meet first. The meeting ran so long the game ended before the meeting ended. Tim is definitely a focused and driven executive. This is required to lead a company like Apple. I wish him all the best.

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