Friday, July 22, 2011

Readers Are Leaders

Recently at a conference I heard a speaker say that "readers are leaders". During his talk he mentioned multiple CEO's he had worked for and how each of them liked to read to broaden his horizons. It got me thinking about the people I know who are readers and they are typically the leaders. It doesn't make sense that a non-leader can become a leader just by reading but someone who is interested in leading others is generally interested in self improvement. One of the greatest self improvement tools is reading.

A typical manager will read one book a year that relates to his/her job. A typical CEO/COO/CFO will read six books a year that relate to his/her job. This stat came from the same speaker and seems to make sense to me. To rise to a leadership position a person must me interested in self improvement/learning and a metric for that would be reading.

Are you wanting to grow and improve? Make it a habit to read on a daily basis. Google the top ten business books of all time and commit to reading them and using at least one or two items from each book in your business. You'll be amazed at the benefit.

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