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Great Goal Setting Blog Entry - Jack Daly

Below is a great blog entry from Jack Daly.

Daly News, January 2011

January 2011
Volume 42
It’s January and the traditional time for people to adopt new year resolutions or take it to another stage and go with goals. Regardless of what they are called, the results are typically abysmal. Often times, whether personal or business related, by the end of the first quarter they are long forgotten and bear no relationship to reality. As such, I’ve often wondered why then do people even do them. I think the answer is we would “like” them to happen but are stuck on the “how”.
I’ve been hooked on the goal setting process since I was 13 years old and have found the process one that delivers great success. Over the years I’ve converted many to the system and process I use to achieve my goals, albeit I recommend to most to not go as deep as I often do. Going deeper in the process can better come over time, and needs to be tailored to one’s personality.
For many who have been to my “delivered live” presentations, you have seen and heard this goal setting process. To you I say, “So, what did you do with that process in 2010? If anything!” Congrats to those who have taken action, and I hope you found the process to be of value. My 2010 was one of great fun and accomplishment, and my 2011 looks to be even more so! For a look at my Year-end report to the Board of Directors of my life as well as my 2011 Personal Goals, click here My business goals and plans are handled on a separate document but the process is a similar one and I feel people universally can relate to the personal side better, so they can then deploy it for both their business and personal sides of life.
Here is the condensed version of the “process” to “turning goals into reality”.
1. GOALS IN WRITING- If your goals are not in writing, they are dreams. Dreams don’t often come true, but goals in writing do.
2. WRITTEN PLAN- Number 1 is what you want to accomplish; number 2 is the “how”. Detail out more of the how, and lace it with specific activities that will be necessary to get number 1 completed. Then, just work the activities! The more “non-refundable” commitments that can be made in advance, the higher the likelihood that the goals will be achieved. Example- if you lived in Washington, DC and your goal was a family vacation in San Diego for a week, just writing this down (#1) would be much less effective than: picking the week, getting vacation approval, locating the airline/flights and paying for the tickets, locating the lodging and prepaying for the week, reserving a rental car, identifying activities such as Sea World and again buying the tickets, etc. Imagine doing all of the above; sounds like that vacation is actually going to happen! Well, we can do something similarly in generating more sales. For each of our businesses, the specific activities can be well defined beforehand and then put into place so that the results materialize.
3. SYSTEM OF MEASUREMENT- Once the activities are identified as to “how”, we then need to track if we are actually doing those activities. I find a daily log of such actual keeps my momentum going and should I slip, gets me right back at it the next day. Regardless of what the “fires of the day” are, the successful sales professional works hard to be sure the key activities are completed as this is the lifeblood of consistent sales production.
4. SYSTEM OF ACCOUNTABILITY- For most of us, having someone watching over us is a great motivator to getting things done. Many people heading back to the fitness centers this month (seems a frequent resolution) will stay with their program longer if they engage a Trainer. Well, it is true a trainer will help with technique and designing a program initially, the continuance of a Trainer at the health center typically has more to do with ensuring one gets up and goes to the gym, since the Trainer is being paid by them and is waiting for their appointment. Again, it’s about accountability. I have 5 people on my Board of Directors for my life, who I sit down and review my goals and activities with about 4 times each per year. Rarely does a month go by without one of them holding me accountable. Beyond that, I’ve gone to publishing my goals for the year on my website, so thousands can now “call me out”. As such, I find I am more determined to “making things happen”.
One of my Facebook friends shared this quote recently: “Opportunity doesn’t knock. You knock, opportunity answers.” Perfect- start knocking with this goal setting process!

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