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The Alphabet Soup of Green Graphic Communications

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The Alphabet Soup of Green Graphic Communications

April showers bring much more then May flowers. The 30 days of grey drizzle are all worth it when a full canvas of pantone green 356 emerges come May 1. [If you are unfamiliar with the pantone matching system - or if you just want a visual of green 356 - check out this link]. With so much green cloaking the surroundings, even the allergy sufferers don a slight grin when the sun shines through some oak leaves blowing in the first warm breezes of the year. Over the past 20 years there has been a concerted effort to participate in sustainable practices to preserve the green that everyone loves. The graphic communications industry has embraced the eco-friendly mindset and adopted a variety of programs, certifications, and awards to ensure the longevity of Mother Nature. Below are some of the ABC's which encourage sustainable practices at every stage of the graphic communication process.

FSC = Forest Stewardship Council Certified
FSC logoThe Forest Stewardship Council is an international labeling and certification system for directing responsible forest management and sustainable outcomes of paper and wood products. Fiber harvested from FSC certified forests is tracked with the Chain of Custody system from the tree, all the way to the consumer. The FSC label informs the world that the printed product in their hands was made by individuals who support the highest social and environmental standards. 

PCW = Post Consumer Waste Fiber Content
PCW logoThe three arrows comprising the universal recycling symbol, also known as the mobius loop, inform the paper purchaser that their paper was made using recycled paper. It is suggested that the percentage of recycled paper used in the production of the new paper be displayed beneath the symbol.

AGFA GreenWorks
GreenWorks awarded printers must meet a required set of criteria that confirms 
they areAGFA logo integrating sustainable technology and participating in additional green movements. For example, all AGFA GreenWorks awarded printers use low chemistry and chemistry free plates, which have a significantly lower impact on the environment. Hopkins Printing is proud to be awarded AGFA's Greenworks award.
From the tree, to production, to the offices the products are used in, it is evident that the graphic communications industry is making every effort to preserve the natural pantone 356 for this generation and many more to come. 

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