Friday, April 29, 2011

Stop Chasing Too Many Priorities

Why do we allow ourselves to have so many priorities? Why do these priorities often conflict with one another? What can we do about this? In a recent study, it was found that 64% of executives report they have too many conflicting priorities. This came from a HBR article.

This same study followed different companies and found that companies with only 1 to 3 priorities had more instances of performing ABOVE industry average.

This study argues that companies, or individuals, with a more focused set of priorities perform better than companies with long lists of priorities. I think this is because humans perform better when there are fewer things to think about. When I discipline myself to a few focused goals - I always know what to work on. When the list gets too long then I have to remind myself to read the list which means the goals are not in my head. The subconscious mind can work on goals that are in your head even when you're not aware that's what is going on. 

Keep your priorities and goals on a short list and you'll find that you can get more done and be more successful.

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