Wednesday, April 20, 2011

America’s Toughest CEO Coach

How would you like to train with the toughest CEO coach in America? What type of person is this and what does he do to get such a title? Rob Roy is a former Navy Seal and the self proclaimed "Hammer" to his clients. I learned about Rob when reading an Inc magazine article entitles America's Toughest CEO Coach. One day I plan to be a CEO so these types of articles always attract my attention. Even if your goals don't include being a CEO, the article is worth reading because anyone can improve.

If you have every read about Navy Seals and the training they endure, then Rob's training won't seem so different. His training includes night swims in 57 degree water and that's just the beginning of the 72 hour intense session of training. Rob said "the purpose is to tell them that they can walk into any situation and come out ahead". He philosophy is that if you can endure what he puts you though physically, then you can endure much more emotionally in the workplace. Rob puts people in situations where they are wet, cold and tired and then pushes them to make leadership decisions. Then when the person is back in a dry, warm office - the decisions come quicker and better.

Not everyone can spend $6,000 and take three days to get training like this but it's still possible to get some of the results. Just doing something, pushing the limits and seeing how you react can bring some of the same benefits. In the last couple of years I have done two triathlons. I in no way was a competitors to win any group but I was able to do something more than I had ever done before. This opened me up to a stronger belief that I can do more. Anytime you push yourself and learn more and can then do more - you are better off.

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