Monday, February 28, 2011

Rest & Rejuvenation

I am looking forward to this coming weekend. The last couple of weeks have been busier than normal so having two days to rest andrejuvenate will be a great time.

Many experts believe that everyone needs down time. It is the downtime that allows our batteries to recharge and ideas and thoughts to crystallize in our minds. Many times people have some of their greatest thoughts during sleep, the shower or driving down the road. When the mind has time to process what it is doing, it can come up with great ideas.

David Allen in his book Getting Things Done talks about getting all of our to do lists out of our minds and on paper or on the computer so we can use more of our mind for thinking. He believes many people have so many issues flying around in their minds that they can't focus on what is critical and important. One of my goals for this weekend is to go back through his book. I read it about four years ago and I go through it occasionally to get the concepts and ideas back into my mind.

Here's to having a weekend and getting into next week more relaxed and focused.

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