Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Iron Man: Jordan Zimmerman

If you want to radically improve what you do it is important to look for examples of other people and how they perform. Inc magazine has a story about Jordan Zimmerman, the Founder of Zimmerman Advertising, that is filled with ideas for improvement. Zimmerman Advertising has 22 offices around the world and bills $2.6 billion each year. That in itself is amazing but it's also amazing to read about what Jordan does on a typical day.

Jordan wakes up at 3:30 am every day and hits the gym by 4:00 am. He does this because he believes that being in good shape gives him a competitive advantage. He's home by 5:30 am and then takes a 25 miles bike ride. During this time he is thinking about the day and leaving messages for his assistant to begin planning his meetings for the day. He then spends time with his family before heading off to the office. This is just the beginning.

During the day Jordan talks to the CEO of each of his 20 major clients and he does this every day. He has just a short conversation to make sure
he is on the same page as his major clients. Again - this is an amazing habit because it keeps him in close contact with the clients who matter most. What would happen if you and I did this - we had a conversation each day with our most important clients asking them what went well yesterday, what needs done today and what could be improved? Would we stand out from the crowd?

This article shows what can be done when the most important clients are treated in a way that our competitors are unwilling to emulate. Take time every day and keep in touch with the people, clients or employees, who have the biggest impact on what you are trying to get done. Stay focused on improving and bringing new and better ideas. This is a sure way to success.

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