Thursday, January 27, 2011

How Do You Work?

I really enjoy learning how others work? I enjoy learning from others how they structure their days and their time. This week I met with a prospect from Germany who lives in one city and works in two other cities. He works at one office on Monday and Tuesday and the finishes the week at another office in another city, then back home on the weekend. In a recent article in Inc magazine I learned how Gary Vaynerchuk spends his time and how he structure his days. Again, he is someone who travels and maintains multiple offices.

When I read about people who do so much I get encouraged because I see how much more I can get done in the same amount of time I
invest today. It seems the best way to improve is to look for models to copy and then study your own time. A couple of times a year I will track my time in fifteen minute segments and then after about a week of tracking I can see where the bulk of my time is spent. I can see where I spend too much time and where I don't spend enough time.

Try something new to improve yourself. Read how others are living - track how you are living - and then make changes to improve. Today's world is rapidly changing and if we stay on the front edge of that change we can succeed.

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