Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting More Done In Less Time - Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is the author of The Leader Who Had No Title. In this book Robin teaches us how to be a leader even if we don't have a title and even if we don't have any power or influence. All leadership starts small and then grows over time AFTER a person proves himself or herself.

In a recent video, Robin gives three items that we can embrace that will lead to us becoming better leaders and better individuals. The first is the Daily Five. This is a technique where a person each morning thinks of the five most important goals of the day, writes them down and then finishes them by the last hour of the day. These are not major life goals but parts of goals or small goals. They are goals small enough that they can be started and finished in a single day. They also have to be small enough to be accomplished while still doing the normal work of the day. Five small goals a day, even if it is only done during the work week, gives us 1,300 victories over a years time.

The second item is the do daily exercise in the morning. Robin argues that this changes our metabolic rate and allows us to burn more calories and be more lean than the same exercise being done later in the day. This also changes our mindset
 because we start our day doing something that we know is helpful. Personally, I find this very difficult. I get up at 5:30 am each day and to get up earlier in order to excercise is tough. But I am going to work on this by changing my morning routine so I can at least lift weights or do a mile or two on the treadmill. On the days I get this done in the morning, my days do turn out better.

The third item is to schedule time for the 3S's. The 3S's are silence, solitude and stillness. Robin argues that when a person blocks time for this type of thinking - big things happen. This is due to our mind having time to process ideas and thoughts without the grind of the phone, email or meetings. This is also difficult because many of our lives are so full it seems like we are wasting time by doing this. I do know from personal experience that when I do this, my mind can process and solve some of the bigger issues I have.

These three techniques are something each of us is capable of and are worth doing. Click the link to the video and see what you think.

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