Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Can An Employee Know More Than You?

Everyone is aware that the people who do a certain job typically know that job better than anyone else. S/he perform the job on a daily basis and have to work through the issues and problems that arise day after day. That gives him or her more insight and knowledge of what is going on. Since most of us know this - how is it that decisions are still made without talking to the actual person performing the job?

Last Summer Marshall Goldsmith wrote an article for HBR entitled "When Your Employees Know More Than You" that addresses some of the ways we can rememdy this problem. Marshall encourages his readers to respect the time of their employees. He reminds us that everyone is busy today and time is critical to people. Therefore we have to not waste other peoples time by meaningless meetings or wasted idle chat. People want to
 do their jobs and do them well but then go home and spend time with family and friends. We have to be willing to respect that. When someone realizes his or her time is respected it's amazing how much more they are willing to do for the company.

We also have to support the growth of everyone around us. By asking, "What can our company do to help you grow and achieve your goals?" will find it comes back tenfold, according to Marshall. We have to be interested in more than just what an employee can do to serve us or the company.

Marshall is a great source of information. His website is filled with articles and other resources that are well worth a browse.

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