Friday, September 17, 2010

How to Manage a One-Person Sales Force

All sales people have to learn and improve or the future will become bleak. Inc magazine recently published an article on "How to Manage a One-Person Sales Force" which has some great advice for any sales person, not just the one-person team.

Manage your time religiously. If a sales person is not in control of his/her time then days, weeks and months will pass by without much forward movement. You must schedule time in a planner for all of the key activities that need to be done. Researching new prospects, making
sales calls, meeting with prospects, following up on proposals, meeting with and nurturing clients are all activities that must be done to maintain and grow business.

Delegate, delegate and then delegate more. In our company we have found that when a person is promoted to a sales position s/he will usually want to slip back into a former role when times are stressful. When life gets tough people like to do what is comfortable. This is true of sales people in particular. When a customer service person is made a sales person it is easy for that person to avoid the hard activities of calling on new business and instead get bogged down in support duties. The typical excuse is that if I don't do the activities they won't be done well. To be successful in any area of business this tendency must be overcome. Without delegation, there will be no time for growth.

These are only two of the great tips from the article. Click the link to learn more.

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