Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Khan Academy - Free Education

How many people would like to have a free education? What if there was a place online to learn most of the basic concepts taught in high school and college and it was free? Would you be interested in finding the teacher Bill Gates calls his "favorite teacher"? The Khan Academy is that place on the web. I first saw a story about Khan in a TED video. Khan uses video to explain the world and is how each of us to can learn more.

The site has over 1,600 different videos on a wide variety of topics and all for free. Early on in his career Khan was asked to tutor some relatives in a couple of subjects he was familiar with. After doing this and then being referred to some other relatives, Khan began to feel this was something he was good at doing and something that helped other people.

He makes his money from donations. He is a 501 3(C) organization that is supported by the giving of others. I don't know if this is the best business model but he is without a doubt impacting the world for the better.

Spend a few hours looking over the videos to see what can be done when a person is trying to accomplish and do more that the average person is doing. You never know - you may also learn something at the same time.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to Delegate Properly

Delegation. It's a skill that can bring great rewards and can also lead to great pain. Delegate properly and you are able to do more, earn more and rise higher. Do it poorly and you can ruin a great career. Inc magazine has an article on this topic that brings some good points out for consideration.

You have to decide clearly what to delegate. From a managers point-of-view it's best to delegate the tasks that bog you down or that you are not good at performing. In my business there are many tasks and details that have to be nailed down in a very specific manner to keep projects going well. In the beginning of a project is not the time for me to delegate. Once a project is properly started then it's time to delegate. The routing of proofs or samples or changes in details are great to delegate. If it's core to my personal success then I need to be more hands on with the activity.

Another key point is

Friday, September 17, 2010

How to Manage a One-Person Sales Force

All sales people have to learn and improve or the future will become bleak. Inc magazine recently published an article on "How to Manage a One-Person Sales Force" which has some great advice for any sales person, not just the one-person team.

Manage your time religiously. If a sales person is not in control of his/her time then days, weeks and months will pass by without much forward movement. You must schedule time in a planner for all of the key activities that need to be done. Researching new prospects, making

Monday, September 13, 2010

Richard Branson: Five Secrets to Business Success

Richard Branson is one of the best know business people on the planet. He is most notable for business stunts and reality TV but his success comes from leading and managing multiple businesses. In a recent article he lists five secrets to business success.

First is enjoy what you are doing. Any career that makes you dread Monday is not going to succeed. Branson says, "because starting a business is a huge amount of hard work, requiring a great deal of time, you had better enjoy it".

Second is to create something that stands out. I believe most people have heard of the Virgin brand. Just the image of the name and the bold red color makes this a brand that is easy to remember. In addition to that Branson uses his personal style to bring energy and spark to what he is doing.

Third is to create something that everybody who