Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Seven Reasons Print Will Make a Comeback in 2011

Print is not dead. For the past few decades printing has grown with GDP which has made it a good business to be in - a mature business for sure but still with opportunity. For the past couple of years and for the foreseeable future, print will shrink. Even with that being true, there are still reasons for marketing firms to use print as part of the mix.

Joel Pulizzi in Folio magazine recently wrote an article on the seven reasons print will have a comeback in 2011. Being a printing company, we like to see articles like this one. Two of the reasons given are print still excites people and people want to unplug. To be able to hold something and flip through the pages can still move a customer to buy. Being able to sit in a quiet room and read is still pleasant. In a wired world it is nice to have some time alone.

The other five reasons are worth reading. Click this link and give Joel's article a read. Print, as one of the marketing channels a company uses, is still viable. Not everyone can be reached without using all the channels available. Hope you enjoy the article.

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