Friday, August 27, 2010

The First Step Is To Start

People seem to hate to make something happen. Many of us spend days, weeks, months and years thinking about what we should be doing or how we should be changing. We want to build muscle, loose weight, start a business, begin dating or any of a host of things. But we just can't seem to get started.

I came across a blog entry from that had some great insight into this problem. The blog reminded me of a quote I heard once that stated "Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly". When I repeat this line to people I often get negative feedback. Until I explain
that it means most of us wait too long to start something - believing we can make something perfect before taking the first step. Then we loose interest and life moves us forward without beginning the new task.

This blog entry goes over three areas of focus that are worth considering - start with what you already know, avoid self doubt and do-there is no try. If you have ever wanted to do something new and have found yourself putting it off for a long time - read this blog, use the tools and move to a better life.

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