Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why Use Social Media At Work

Most companies, ours included, don't want people spending time on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter during the work hours. This is because these social media programs can be such time wasters and don't contribute to being productive at work. Now some are touting the idea that if employees are using social media, then customers will see that and there is benefit to the extra branding for the company. Steve Patrizi in his blog wrote the following:

"But social media profiles take this to an entirely new level. Rather than simply featuring your people in your ads, social media profiles allow your customers and partners to see that these are real people, who have worked at real places, who have earned real degrees, with real recommendations, and who are connected to other real people. Maybe your customers will even see that they themselves are connected to your employees."

Steve recommends three ways employees can be helped in this area. Embrace and encourage social media, make it easy and be suggestive. You never know - maybe your customers will see your company as a group of humans that want to help and that will improve your brand. It may be worth a try.

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