Friday, July 30, 2010

David Sokol - Learn From The Best

On great thing about living in the age of communication is that anyone can learn from some of the best in any field. Athletes can learn from the best - even watching how they train on youtube. Musicians can learn from the best by following them online and in print. And business people can learn from the best by reading about how they lead and what they do to stay on the front edge of success. David Sokol is one such leader that is worth learning from. Recently in a Fortune magazine article there was a description of how David manages and how he runs parts of his personal life.

To me the following quote says so much: 

"Sokol has trained his team to measure every single thing the company does, from on-schedule service to bill collection to the quality of
catering. "When we make a mistake," he says, "we analyze why we made the mistake, and if there's a way to fix it, we fix it by putting a system in place that solves the problem." 

When you have the right plan, the right training and you intensely manage that plan it is amazing what can be done. David is also disciplines on a personal level. Each morning at 5 am he get ups, runs five miles and then lifts weights. He feels he has to do this to keep his mind clear and sharp while maintaining a travel schedule that would bury many younger managers.

In a world of great information that is free for the reading there is no excuse not to be growing and improving.

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