Friday, June 11, 2010

Delivering Happiness

This is my third blog post to review Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh. The entire book is full of great ideas. Will discuss a few more here. If you leave a comment, you may win a free copy of Tony's book.

#1 Driver of Growth
For Zappos the #1 driver of growth has been repeat customers. This has been driven by the passion they have for customer service and the customer base has responded. In our business it always amazes me how much of what we do results from repeat customers that enjoy being told the truth, being treated fair and getting what was agreed upon at the price quoted. Such simple concepts but not followed often.

Culture Equals Brand
Many companies spend tremendous amounts of money on branding. At Zappos the belief is their culture is their brand. There culture centers around customer service and this has become their brand. Most companies have a brand and that brand is determined by the customer not the company. Customers decide what they think of you by how you treat them. If you want a great brand - have a great culture.

This is one of the ten core values for the company as well as how Tony lives his life on a personal basis. If you ever see video of Tony you quickly realize
he is a humble person. To me this is a great example of how someone with great character can also succeed in business. 

This book is filled with wonderful insights into how companies can become great and at the same time care for employees, vendors and customers. It is a great investment to buy and read this book.

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