Monday, May 3, 2010

Office Recycling Program

As part of our Lean Program, we have started an office recycling program that has a goal of reducing our office waste. Lean is a philosophy of reducing waste and one waste is office waste. In 2007 we put recycling tubs in each office and have been encouraging each person at the company to put all paper in the recycle bin. This bin is then combined with our paper waste from the printing operation and then recycled.

One interesting outcome of this program
has been that we have reduced the number of times our trash dumpster is emptied each week. We have gone from five times a week to three times a week that the trash company comes and empties our dumpster. This program has not only saved waste – it has saved money. It’s a double win.

A recent article in Inc Magazine gives multiple steps and various resources that can help any company start and maintain an office recycling program. If your office doesn’t have something like this – be the person to start. Any reduction in waste is a good thing. And when that reduction in waste also saves money it is even a better outcome.

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