Monday, April 26, 2010

Networking On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the primary social networking site for business people. I am constantly amazed at being able to use LinkedIn to connect to and network with people both in and out of my personal network. My experience with the site has been primarily through trial and error. Recently I came across an article with some great advice on using LinkedIn. Thought it was worth sharing.
The article starts out with how a beginner can build a profile and then how that profile can be used to enlarge a network of contacts. The average LinkedIn user
is well worth knowing. Their average household income is $109,000.00 so it is easy to see the site does allow primarily business contacts.

The article also includes advice on groups and how to use the groups to leverage more contacts. In the end any site is only as good as what you put into the site so get involved, answer questions, help other people and in the end reap the rewards that LinkedIn has to offer.

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