Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is It Worth Printing?

International Paper is one of the largest paper companies in the world. As part of what they do for their customers, they have a website used for education.  On this site they ask the question: Is it worth printing? Being a printing company we have it in our self interest to promote print and the value of print. International Paper also has it in their self interest to promote print because printing is done on paper. That is why I found some of the recommendations on the sight interesting. IP, and most knowledgeable companies, realize that marketing and advertising has to be a multi-channel approach.

To only use print doesn’t make any more sense than to only use electronic advertising. They both support each other. The best mix is to
use print, internet, radio and t.v. to promote a brand. One channel can’t reach everyone.

This site also promotes sustainability by pushing the idea of recycled and FSC papers. IP also encourages readers to make sure mail lists are clean and up to date. There is no reason to mail to someone who isn’t a good prospect. The cost and the waste just don’t make sense.

Print is still a vital part of marketing and it appears that will hold true into the near and long term future. Customers are still the drivers of how companies advertise and as long as customers enjoy the feel and look of print then print will be a part of the mix.

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