Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Well-Oiled Sales Team

“Sales needs to be managed just like any other business function” according to a Business Week article from 2008. In this article the author hits on three key areas that should be important to any manager or sales person. His first point is that sales is just another function of a company and therefore should be managed as such. Too often sales people are left to manage themselves. In some cases this is good, but in the majority of cases the end result is a frustrated company and a frustrated sales person. Setting goals, doing training and measuring results isn’t just for the non-sales area.

The author next discusses the need for a sales organization to have a formal sales process.
For our company this process centers on the Sandler Selling System. We use this system for the majority of our sales people and have found it to yield great results. Any system that is followed will be an improvement over no system.

Last, the author remarks on the lack of good data in a typical sales organization. Without good data, good decisions are hard to come by. This data can be collected by a job entry system, an accounting system or better yet a CRM system. To try a great system that also has a free option, look at Highrise from 37Signals.

These three keys, if properly focused on, can help a sales team improve and produce great results. In a time of recession and a general negative outlook on the future, it is good to look at some tools to help improve the future.

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