Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Print Is Still A Part of The Mix

Print is still a part of the marketing mix for companies that do advertising. In reading a blog post on Junta42 it became clear that the printing business still has a future. Below are some factoids from a recent seminar:

  • The average time a reader spends with a custom print magazine is 25 minutes.
  • Custom print magazines get an average 44% response rate.
  • On average, custom print magazines see an 8% increase in sales (as opposed to those who don't receive the magazine).
  • 18-24 year-old men and women who receive custom magazines from a corporation are the most engaged of any age group (yes, really!)
Click on the link to the Junta42 blog and watch the video from Fortune magazine. They talk about the future of the print magazine and how the magazine integrates into the complete marketing mix.

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