Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cold Calling - It's Still The Right Thing To Do

Cold calling is still a part of good business strategy. One of the reasons a sales person can make more money than many other professions is because some of what a sales person has to do is difficult. Cold calling is part of what is difficult. Inc. magazine back in 2000 wrote a great article on the many different skills needed for effective cold calling.

In the article, the writer profiled Pat Cavanaugh and his cold calling techniques.
He is an extreme example but worth reading about. Most sales people I know would be better off today if they made even a minimum amount of daily cold calls.

Many trainers, and I agree, believe someone needs to carve out time on a daily basis for cold calling. One friend told me once that cold calling was like oxygen, you need some every day. My advice is always to carve that time out in the morning because it is so easy to lose track of the day in the afternoon and then put off the work until tomorrow. So set a time each morning, put your phone on do-not-disturb, close your door, close your browser and dial.

Once you do this every day, it will become easier. Eventually this will just become a habit that will pay tremendous dividends. Read the Inc. article, set aside daily time, plan for the calls and DIAL, DIAL, DIAL.


Melvin said...

Cold calling can bring a lot of sales and prospects to your company. You should try to adopt new cold calling techniques so that you can get better results. I feel that it is better to outsource your cold calling needs to a telemarketing company because they will have more experience in this field.

Waterhouse Weekly Graphics said...

Thanks for the note. I believe this is correct in some cases - like a national BtoC company. In the case of a company with a smaller account base or a BtoB company, the cold call becomes part of the personal relationship.

Unknown said...

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