Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Is Your USP? Clean Restrooms?

What is your USP or unique selling proposition? If you are a gas station on a lonely stretch of highway your USP may be clean restrooms. What is it that makes you special and stand out from the crowd. This thought started simmering in my mind because of two conversations I have had recently.

One conversation was with a customer who was considering moving to a new city but he still wanted to work with our company because of "the way we treat him" and he can't find that from other printing companies. In other words, his experience was unique.
The other conversation was with a different customer who was worried one of our CSRs was no longer with the company and she was worried about the person. When I told her that she was still with the company and was doing well the customer felt much better. She said the CSR was one of the best in the city. In other words, the CSR was unique.

Knowing we will never be the low cost producer, we have to find the reasons people want to work with us, or our USP, and constantly develop that and share it with more customers. The only way to find this out is to sit face to face with customers and spend time asking questions and listening. One of my favorite sales trainers, Jack Daly, says that the core of selling is "ask questions and listen" which is the only way to truly find your USP.

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