Sunday, February 7, 2010

Strategic Plans & Personal Goals

Our company is now in our second year of having a formal strategic plan. In the past we have always had annual, quarterly and monthly goals but they were not organized and connected to each persons personal goals. Each employee of the company now has a PDP (Personal Development Plan) that has four personal work goals and one personal education goal. These five goals are then connected to the department goals and ultimately to the company's strategic plan.

The first year we did this went well but the execution didn't happen the way it should have happened. When we ended the year there were many goals that were not completed or that were only partially completed. The second year we started looking at the goals from a perspective of what a person can focus on and decided that any more than 5 goals per person complicated the process.

I have five goals this year and I can share them and update the status of each goal at any time. Last year between personal, departmental and company goals I lost focus on my primary objectives. This year I have limited everything to five and now I am comfortable with keeping these five moving forward and being accomplished.

When setting goals make sure they are stretch goals and goals that move the company forward but limit them to a number that can be managed and tracked without loosing focus. 2010 is going to be a year of company growth in sales and profits as well as in some areas of new technology development. This is driven by clear and limited goals.

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