Friday, February 26, 2010

Seth Godin - PDCA

Seth Godin always has good material on his blog. Below is a recent post that relates to lean thinking.
No more big events
Here are things that you can now avoid:
  • The annual review
  • The annual sales conference
  • The big product launch
  • The grand opening of a new branch
  • Drop dead one-shot negotiation events
The reasons? Well, they don't work. They don't work because big events leave little room for iteration, for trial and error, for earning rapport. And the biggest reason: frequent cheap communication is easier than ever, and if you use it, you'll discover that the process creates far more gains than events ever can.
Lean thinking advocates a practice called PDCA or plan, do, check, act. This means you come up with an improvement or new idea, then you test the idea, then you check for results and lastly you give feedback. This is a continual loop that allows constant improvement.
This works in your business life or in your personal life by always knowing improvement can happen and with a little work there can always be improvement. The big act and looking for the big results doesn't work as well because they are generally one time hits. One time hits give a quick result but are generally not sustainable.

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