Friday, January 22, 2010

WSJ Says Direct Mail Not Gone

WSJ logoIn a recent article, the Wall Street Journal covered the movement many companies have made to online advertising from print advertising. This has been a trend in recent years to reduce the overall cost of marketing. Even though this has saved some money, it has also cost some returns on investment to drop.

One company saw a 25% drop in orders when they moved from traditional direct mail to online advertising. The annual marketing budget was reduced but the overall cost to the company was greater due to the loss in gross sales and bottom line profits.

The article goes on to say that targeted direct mail seems to offer the best return. Our firm is able to help with this approach by doing versioned mailings, 1to1 marketing and pURL pieces.

When a company adds targeted direct mail to the other forms of advertising then each customer is approached from a perspective that has a greater impact. Think of targeting your message next time you need to supplement your online marketing with focused direct mail.

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