Sunday, January 31, 2010

MBA Program

Two years ago I decided to pursue an MBA from Ohio Dominican University. During my time at ODU I have finished ten courses that include topics like Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Economics and other business related courses. When I started the program my goal was to finish and learn more about business in a formal setting. The last twenty years of my work life have been incredibly educational but not in a formal way.

My current course is Strategy which has been a challenge from a course load perspective. In a week and a half our class has been assigned to write six papers on six different topics. These papers are only two to three pages with four references each but it is still quite a bit of work.

Today, Sunday, I have spent the entire day working on these papers. In less than two months this will be over and I can start some new projects. Two primary projects for this summer are golf with my son and tennis with my daughter. I can't wait to be doing something outside and with the family. This program at ODU has been a great experience that have given me many positives returns, but it will still be nice when it is complete.

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